Illustrious Personalities of Asia

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“GAMECHANGER” is a unique conceptualization of Illustrious Personalities of Asia which attempts to portray the life and times of some well-known personalities in the Asian Continent, starting with Sri Lanka in its first edition.

Our Aim

We are entering new era of world history:The arrival of "Asian Century".

With this resurgence it also brings many opportunities for Asian Leaders to excel in all spheres to rise up,participate,improve living conditions and excel in economic and professional endeavours.

Our aim therefore is to provide a platform to showcase the achievements, commitments, dreams and aspirations of some of the illustrious persons of Asia to help strengthen the Asian bonds to encourage, motivate and become a beacon of light to others in the region and make the new Asian experience a unique phenomenon worthy of inclusion in " Illustrious Personalities of Asia"

Our Purpose

We believe that the men and women in Asia whose achievements influence the people of today are worthy of permanent record, and we are proud to provide their biographical information for public record and for posterity.

Volume one is dedicated to Sri Lanka.

Our entries may include such personal facts as names of immediate family and salient data about education, business, and military experience; residential and business addresses. Based on the information given by the applicants themselves.